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Below area few topics that I have already spoke on to other groups.  These seem to be the ones most asked for.  But I am not limited to these topics.  If you are interested in having me speak to your group please contact me so that we can discuss the needs of your group.  I am more than happy to custom write a new talk, it means that the Lord will teach me something new and  increase my knowledge.  I’m always game for that!  I love studying His Word.

Womens & Mother’s Groups

~We are as Living Stones – Dana’s Story – How she overcame depression, as the result of a serious car accident.  Dana shares how God broke her spirit into tiny pieces and then slowly rebuilt her (and is still rebuilding her) into a women that he can use for his Kingdom purpose.(45 min talk)

Getting your God Time In – Busy. Busy. Rush. Rush.  We live in a society of take out dinners and express lane shopping, because we are in a rush.  Dana, mother of 10, will share with you ways to get your God Time into your already busy schedule and why we need that time with God so badly. (30 minute workshop)

The Role of the Christian Wife and Mother – Understanding our roles according to scripture.  What kind of wife and mother did God create us to be?  It isn’t what society says it is.  Learn how to balance your roles, not juggle them. (30 minute workshop or 45 minute talk)

Homeschool Groups

~5 Ways to Guarantee Burnout in the Homeschool Mom Burnout is a common problem among homeschool moms. Dana shares 5 ways to guarantee prevent burnout and share in the joy of home education. (30 minutes)

~Homeschooling for Free…or Almost Most homeschooling families are one income families. Dana shares with you how she has learned how to homeschool her children with out compromising their education while spending very little money. (workshop option  30-45 minutes)

If you have any questions about my schedule, speaking fees or would like to invite me to speak to your Mom or Woman’s group please contact me or visit my website, LIVINGSTONES4MOMS for more information.

  1. Alan permalink
    February 5, 2007 12:52 pm

    If someone wanted to help support this ministry financially, how do we do that?


  2. February 6, 2007 2:35 pm

    There are 2 ways to support LSM financially.
    The first is to purchase our 5 CD’s of the speakers from our conference in 2006. These are $20.00 plus s&h.

    The other way is to just send money.

    Either way contact us through our email for mailing instructions.

  3. Jill McKeever permalink
    February 19, 2007 12:01 pm

    Thank you for starting this blog. I just found it today and already, I know that I will look to your words often for encouragement. Don’t stop writing even when you think no one is reading. Your insight is nourishing, refreshing and very much appreciated.

    Thank you, again.

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