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The Hidden Language of Passover

April 1, 2009

My friends at Growing in Grace have written a great piece on Passover.  As we come into the weeks before Easter Sunday, I encourage you to consider having a Passover meal with your family.

Passover is a time for the retelling of the world’s most significant TRUE story. This story and its truths have been retold, as commanded by God, for thousands of years.

This is not just a story for the Jews, but also a story within a story.

This is a story for all of humanity.

This is a story for all of time.

This is a story for all of life.

This story is about hopelessness transformed into victory, darkness into light and bondage into true liberty.

This is a story about the past…

a story about the present…

and a story about the future.

This story contains something like a secret code; a hidden “language”, that in times past was understood only in context of what had happened at that time… deliverance of the Israelite slaves from Egypt.

But as we celebrate Passover, we remember that glorious deliverance in light of another, greater deliverance; the deliverance of the human soul in slavery to sin. This deliverance is not through the death of a lamb, but through the death of The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World.

Click here to read their instructions on how you can have a Passover meal with your family.

Also try Biblical Holidays for more links & information of how to celebrate as a family these celebrations that were observed long ago.

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