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CHRISTmas with a capital C

December 5, 2008

I found this video yesterday & really wanted to share it with you.   Christmas is often said to be one of the most important holiday’s to Christians.  It is supposed to be about Christ & his birth, but by all appearances, it has nothing to do with Him anymore.  I have grown to dread this time of year.  My children suddenly become very greedy, asking for everything they see on TV.  We are expected to put normal schedules aside to attend tons of parties.  Then, when we go somewhere we are told, “Happy Holidays”.  5 years ago, that didn’t bother me, but now it does because I know they are saying it because they do not want to say Christmas. 

Do they really think they can take Christ out of this highly commercialized holiday?  It is a personal matter.  Have you allowed Christ to be taken out of your Christmas?  Is your focus on Him & what his birth actually means?  Or is it on getting your shopping done early, getting the house decorated & finding that new outfit for the next Christmas party?  He needs more than an occasionaly thought from us.  He wants us to do more than just read the story. 

He wants all of us.  All the time.  Everyday.

It is OK, you can say it to anyone you like.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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