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October 23, 2008

I don’t consider myself really political & I don’t usually post political things, but this election I think is one of the most important elections our nation has faced in a long time.

We are facing a future that I don’t think a lot of people understand.  Putting all of the “plans” aside of each candidate, we have to get down to what really matters & that is the faith of our leaders.  The faith of our leaders determines how they will lead our nation.  What are they passionate about, what is important to them?

As a Christian I stand firm in my belief that Jesus is the only Son of God and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  If you call yourself a Christian, you should believe the same thing. If you say you are a Christian then the Bible is Truth to you & is the most important book you will ever read & you believe that it is the best guide for how we should live. 

What do the candidates believe?  Does it line up with scripture?  Just questions I think is important to ask.


I ask that those who read this blog would please be in prayer over the next 2 weeks for our election.  I believe that God is sovereign & he already knows who will be our next president.  But we need to pray still.

Below is a video that I think will help you to understand the importance of our prayers & our vote.


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  1. November 29, 2008 1:06 pm

    My first visit to your blog. I like it.

    While the election did not turn out the way I prayed for, voted for and hoped for. I am STILL one with CHRIST and continue to pray for the leaders which will govern this nation. I pray for their hearts to turn FULLY toward the LORD and be led by His will and not by their own or the will of others.

    I stand in agreement with you and I had posted videos on my personal and worldview blog found at: As a servant leader I minister via the website and two other blogs but my personal/worldview is to share on a christian and conservative level. What I have found and become EVEN more aware of this year is that many CHRISTIANS are not educated in the Bible in many cases or in the issues that we face in the world and how to view them according to Biblical perspective. This is to the detriment of people and as such we saw a vote based a lot on race, emotions and history rather than on biblical truths. I care about all people regardless of how they voted but my hope is that we can (true followers of Christ) really impact others who say they are Christians and the world to really FOLLOW Christ. Let us lead by example in our own lives and let us stand with a compassionate heart and truth of the Gospel.

    Thank you for letting me share and I will visit again. God bless.


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