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Remembering our blessings.

June 7, 2008

I finally convinced my husband that today was the perfect day to clean & reorganize our garage.  I’m in the mood to have a garage sale & needed his strong back to move some stuff around for me so I could go through things.

Well, by mid-day I was exhausted.  I found a box of loose pictures, took it inside & sat down with it, to try and cool off in the air conditioning.  Some of the pictures brought back such precious memories of vacations, church musicals, births, and just everyday fun.  I had forgotten that Austin was such a chunky little baby.  Now he is 10 and almost as tall as I am.  So many things I had forgot, until I saw those pictures today.

I have a 14 year old son who is wearing me & his father out right now.  He is our determined, strong willed child.  We have others who have  strong will, but this child tops them all.  I feel like all I do is get on to him for misbehaving or for not doing his chore or for not coming home on time.  Gripe. Gripe. Gripe!  Today I found pictures of him when he was 2,3,4 & 5 years old.  How cute he was!!  He was always smiling.  Of course most of the pictures of him are of him popping his head in front of who I was trying to take a picture of.  He loves life!  If it is dangerous & exciting he is all there.  I have a hard time remembering the fun times I have had with my son because all of the trouble he has caused over the years remains at the front of my memories of him.  These pictures really helped me today to remember how much I not only love him, but how much I like him.

In Deuteronomy 8 I love how Moses reminded the people to not forget what God had done for them.  He freed them from over 400 years of slavery.  He gave them victory over their enemies who were much better soldiers than they were.  DO NOT FORGET!  God gave us His Word as a picture to remind us of what he has done for us. 

Some ways that I enjoy keeping the memories alive are;

  • keep a journal about my kids & make notes of interesting things they have done or said (blogging is often used for this)
  • Take lots of pictures!  I don’t do scrap books, but my mother-in-law does.  She remembers things about my kids when they were little that I don’t.
  • Keep a journal WITH them.  Get a notebook, or blank journal and write down a question, “How was your day?” and leave it on their pillow.  When they answer, they ask you a question & leave it on your pillow.

Now that summer is here, many parents dread this time with their children because they are always at home.  I really encourage you to cherish these days with your kids.  Talk to them, look them in the eyes and most importantly listen to them with out interupting.  You will learn a lot!




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  1. sumijoti permalink
    June 7, 2008 10:31 pm

    Dana, how true! I have been though tragedy this year that made me sit up and take notice. Recording those memories are so precious!
    I have decided that I want to be much more intentional about the time I spend with my boys. I have a fourteen year old too, by the way!


  2. June 8, 2008 9:21 pm

    Hi Dana,

    We’re doing fine here. My husband’s job situation is still very strained. He did get a chance to share his proposal with the big boss, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to do anything with it at this point. Very disappointing for Gary. And for the rest of us. But he’s going on the job-hunt again and getting his mind off of the situation at this job, praying for a change.

    None of this seems very important after going to Sumi’s site and reading about her tragedy. I’m so thankful for all of these wonderful blessings God has given me in my children. Sometimes things are a little stressful, but I would so much rather have them and the trouble they bring me than to not have them. I know you feel the same way. I’m just feeling kind of melancholy after seeing the slideshow of her beautiful little girl. I keep calling for Emma, so she’ll come to me and I can hug her. She hasn’t come yet. I’ll have to go get her and squeeze her real good. Oh, I hear Kelsey yelling that Emma’s stinky. Looks like I’ll be giving her a bath. I’ll squeeze her after the bath!

    Thanks for your honesty, as usual, and for the tips to keep those relationships close and special.


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