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Happy Mothers Day ~ May Newsletter

May 9, 2008

busy moms

Because of my super busy schedule lately, I didn’t have time to really do a good newsletter, so I decided to share with you something that I wrote for my mom several years ago.  I am very blessed to have such a Godly mother.  I teach 8th grade girls at church on Wednesday nights & my heart breaks as I listen to them talk about their moms.  Some can’t live with their moms because of drug or physical abuse.  Others do live with their moms, but are not getting any kind of spiritual guidance.  I can’t help but wish that they could have had my mom as a mom.  You’ll see why when you read my story.  It is because of her love & devotion to for her Heavenly Father that I am who I am today.

I hope that you are blessed by my story.  Even more than that, I pray that you are blessed by your family this Mother’s Day.  May you get breakfast in bed, lots of hand made cards and moments to cherish with your family.  



A Heart to Know Him



I was asked once, “What is the greatest gift you mother ever gave you?”  I thought back and quickly remembered many gifts she gave me during my childhood.  Many of them were handmade as money was often tight.  She was a very good seamstress and made my sister and I clothes, especially for Easter.  We always knew that we would have a new spring dress just in time for Easter Sunday.  But more important than Easter dresses, she lived out Deuteronomy 6:6-9 for us.


“These commandments I give to you are to be upon your hearts.”


Some of my earliest memories of my mother are finding her in our living room early in the morning reading her Bible and praying.  She loved studying the Word of God and still does.  It is because of her love for the Word that I understood the importance of hiding His Word in my heart.  It was a natural outpouring from her life.


“Impress them upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”


I can remember many good talks with my mother about the Bible. I know that she felt like I didn’t listen much, especially as a teenager, but I heard more than she thought I did.  I remember one time when she was frustrated with me. I’m sure we had argued over something silly.  I charged off to my room, slamming the door.  She came after me.  She opened the door, threw a book on my bed and said, “Don’t’ come out until you have read that book!”  The book was Preparing for Adolescence by James Dobson.  I never did read it, but I still have it. We definitely had our moments, but she never gave on finding ways to reach me.   If she couldn’t talk to me then she would write me notes and leave them for me to find.


“Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.”


She was quite artistic also and used that talent to create fun scripture reminders for us.  She would paint scripture verses on pillow cases, rocks, book marks and other things we would have to look at everyday.  Knowing the Word of God was very important to her and she spent time with us in various ways teaching us God’s truths. 


Because of my mothers deep love for her Lord and his Word she also had a beautiful love for our father.  She is a great example to me as how a Biblical wife should live.  She will tell you that it is easy to love my father, though not always easy to like him.  I learned from her that it is alright to disagree with my husband; it didn’t mean that our marriage was over, only growing to a deeper level when we reconcile and forgive.  She showed me how to serve my husband out of love, not obligation.  When I was younger my dad at dinner would often shake his tea glass.  My mother thought this meant that he wanted more tea.  For years this went on at dinner time.  No one thought anything about it and my dad never asked her not to give him more tea and she never asked if he wanted more.  She just gave him more.  Finally, after many years of this excellent service, my dad asked my mother the question.

 “Why do you give me more tea when I shake my ice down?”

“Because I thought that you were saying that you wanted more tea.” she answered.

With a big grin on his face he responded with, “I shake my glass to keep the ice from falling on me when I am drinking the last of my tea.  I didn’t want anymore, but I thank you for giving me more.”

We all had a great laugh with that.  But the lesson I learned was that my father’s happiness was very important to my mom, even in the smallest of things like a full glass of tea.  Now that they have straightened out that misunderstanding I think my father gets his own tea and my mothers’ tea also.


Through her extraordinary love for her Heavenly Father, she developed a love for the scriptures, which grew into a love for my father, which in turn gave birth to a commitment to train my siblings and I in the admonition of the Lord.  Even now that I am married and have my own family, my mother is still teaching me to be a Godly wife and mother by her example.  She has touched so many lives and has mentored many young women by guiding them through the scriptures leading them into a deeper walk with Christ.  She is a mighty prayer warrior and is known as one by many.  As my own children grow and mature I begin to see and understand why my mother desired so much to see in me a love for the Lord.  My mother will quickly tell you that her children’s success has nothing to do with her, it is all because of the grace of her Lord that he used her in our lives. 


My mother saw my sister, brother and I as tiny plants to be nurtured, protected, and loved as she only knew how; according to the Bible.  She didn’t know what we would become, but she trusted her God and loved us, cultivating in us to seek the ways of the Lord.  Today, she has 3 grown children who are all committed believers in Christ.  Her greatest desire was for us to know Christ as deeply as she does.  She has watched each of us grow into our own person, each bearing a different fruit.  She has given each of us a gift that could have no price tag and whose value is immense; a heart to know Him.




© 2005, Dana Bailey, All Rights Reserved

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