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Birthday Gifts

January 29, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am now closer to 40 than 30.  That is all I’m saying about that. :o)

Anyway, I was able to take some time for myself and go shopping with some birthday money I was given.  I never shop for myself, so I had fun.  I walked around a new Mardels Christian book store that just opened in the town closest to us.  I had no schedule to follow, no kids needing to go to the bathroom, no “to do” list. It was really nice.  It was just “me” time.   Then a couple of hours after I came home my husband took me out to dinner to a Japanese Hibachi Grill.  That was cool!  I could not help but wish the kids were there with us to experience this unusual dinner until the guy cooking our food set a stack of onions on fire.  Then I knew that my boys never needed to see that or else they would go straight home & try it themselves.

Reflecting on my special day of course gave me a whole new list of gifts from God.  It is amazing how taking a little time to ourselves will help us to feel refreshed and revived and ready to what lays ahead.

Here is my list;

11. Handmade cards

12. sloppy kisses

13.  tight hugs

14.  solitude

15. clearance racks!

16. The sound opening a brand new book.

17. Another year to try again to grow closer to my Lord.

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