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More Gifts…

January 22, 2008

Here are more of my gifts from God

8.  Great discussion over bagels and coffee with a dear friend.

  • I have a dear friend that is old enough to be my mother.  We love getting together to get caught up in each others lives.  This morning we sat for 2 hours and 2 cups of coffee discussing various issues we are dealing with.  Her wisdom in my life is invaluable.  I am so thankful that God placed her in my life at just the right time.

9.  Little helping hands.

                             gracie stirring eggs                              gracie & zachary helping mom

  • One morning I had Gracie(3) & Zachary(6) helping me make breakfast.  Gracie was stirring our eggs while Zachary made sure she didn’t put her hands in or swish any out of the bowl.  We had a lot of fun & not much mess.  I’m so thankful for this young years when they still want to help mommy because it is fun, not because I told them to.

10.  Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”

  • The Lord showed me this verse the other morning.  It struck me as so powerful and awesome to remember that God will fight for us.  I feel like I fight against so much as a mother.  I fight against the media’s influence, friends influence and so much more.  Remembering that the God that fought for the Israelites in the wilderness is the same God that fights for me everyday. I just need to keep silent.  I just need to keep my mouth shut.  I just need to rest in his sovereign grace.
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