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The Gift of Siblings

January 21, 2008

On occasion I catch my kids serving each other in an extra special way.  On this Sunday afternoon at my in-laws home Austin saw Gracie trying to swing.  Her short little legs just couldn’t get herself up on the swing so he helped her up.

Austin & Gracie swinging

Then she had a hard time getting started so Austin decided that showing her might be better than just pushing her.

Austin swinging Gracie

It took some time, but Austin was very patient with Gracie and eventually they were both swinging together.

Austin teaching Gracie to swing

I asked Austin (who is almost 10) if he liked playing with his little sister.  He replied in a typical 10 year old way, “Yeah, she’s cool to play with.”

But when I asked Gracie (who is 3 going on 18) if she liked playing with Austin I got a 15 minute play by play report of what they did and how much she loved playing with him.  He won’t admit it but I know that I enjoyed playing with her as much as she enjoyed him.

So my 7th gift is; I’m thankful for the precious moments my children create on their own.  It is good to know that they don’t need me for everything!!

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  1. January 22, 2008 11:00 am

    That’s really sweet! I know how you feel about them helping each other, both for the character and love they’re showing and for the help to you. I love it when my 12 year old boy Patrick is so sweet with his baby sister. I see him becoming a loving, tender father when he gets older. My oldest son, Shawn, is amazing with the baby. She chooses him over me sometimes!

    Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.


  2. January 22, 2008 3:30 pm

    Gracie’s response melted my heart. It’s ALL worth it, isn’t it.
    Bless you this day and everyday! Leinani

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