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Savoring God’s Word

January 4, 2008

A friend of mine told me about a “really great blog” as she put it.  “You have to check this out!” she said.  I’m thinking, “I don’t have time to go to other blogs, I barely have time to post on my own.”  But I went anyway to this blog called, “Holy Experience“. It is written by a Canadian mom of 6 who draws near to her Lord as she goes about her day and writes about it.  I was very impressed with her blog so I thought I would pass on to her a post that she wrote that totally romanced me into desiring a deeper study of God’s word.  Her words flowed like a gentle river and danced like a perfectly poised ballerina.  The Lord new I needed to read and gain a new & fresh desire for his word and he used this mom to give it to me.  Thank you my Jesus!

Here is a bit of what she wrote, but I really want you to go to her blog to read the rest.  I know that you will be blessed!

Ann writes; “My Bible lies open on the table, beside my bowl of oat flakes flecked with flax. And I wonder: Do I slurp this heavenly bread down, swallowing, swallowing? Or do I chew. Slowly. Deliberately. Savoring.” 

“We wake to a new year with intentions to eat differently. While we resolve to exercise more, lose weight, to eat less, we begin the year as starved, crazed ones, desperate for food, gnawing for real filling, deep satiation.

So it should be. We growl, hungry for God.

And maybe that is how our empty heart places are satiated: eat less, savor more.”

Read the rest HERE at Holy Experience

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