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June ’07 Newsletter

November 17, 2007

 All My Men

The month of May was a really busy month for us, so I am just now getting to write this newsletter.  I’m sure you have just been waiting on pins & needles for it to come.

Our family went to spend some time with my parents the last weekend of May.  My little brother was graduating from high school.  Just to brag a little here, he graduated with distinguished honors & received a scholarship during the ceremony which was a surprise to all of us.  We hooted & hollered as loud as we could when they called his name & he walked across the stage.  I have written more about that night on my family blog.  We were all so proud of him.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter.  Since June is the month for Fathers I have dedicated the writing of this issue to the men in my life. 

 My dad has always been a great role model for me and his faith and trust in the Lord has helped make me who I am today. He protected me many times from hurtful relationships through his gift of discernment.  He challenged me to search the scriptures and base all my decisions in life on what God’s Word says.  And he loves my mother more and more each day they are married.

My husband is my best friend and the second love of my life. He is the spiritual leader in our home and he has lead me into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  His encouragement is often what keeps me going.  And above all else he makes me coffee every morning! 

I have six other little men in my life.  God has a great sense of humor.  I am totally convinced of that!  I did not grow up around boys.  Until I was 16 years old, my dad was the only boy in our house.  I married Scott when John (my brother) was only 2 years old so I didn’t even grow up with him.  So for me to have 6 boys is evidence of God’s sense of humor.  I don’t know what to do with boys, but God is showing me. They are so different from girls.  They are loud, rough and stinky, but I love them!  Raising my little men to become mighty warriors for Christ is a daunting task, but God’s grace is abundant.

The Glory of Your Husband.

I heard a visiting preacher at our church give a very simple definition of “glory”.  He said it is, “to make look good“.  I love that!  Our purpose as God’s creation is to glorify him.  We are to make him look good.

Did you know that we are also to glorify our husbands?  We are to make them look good. 

1 Corinthian 11:7-9 says, “A man…is the image and glory of God; but a woman is the glory of man.  For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.”

So how can we, as godly wives, be the glory of our husbands?  I have three ways.  There are many more, but these are a good starting place.

The first way is through our speech about them and in front of them.  We should sing our husbands praise to our friends, not put him down and reveal all of his faults.  Have you ever listened to a woman complain about her husband?  It doesn’t sound good & it doesn’t look good either.  Also, when my husband and I are with friends I need to be careful of the conversation I make so not to embarrass him.  I am really bad at opening my mouth and talking then to see a look of shock and disbelief on his face.  You just can’t take it back once it is out of your mouth.

How we manage our home is the glory of our husband.  If we are disorganized, the home is chaotic and loud; this doesn’t not say much for how we think o four husband. I struggle with clutter all the time.  My mom will tell you it is a family trait.  I try not to let it get too bad, at least not so bad that it can’t be dealt with quickly if someone is coming over.  My husband is so sweet to not gripe about the house. He just quietly moves the stack of laundry over so he can sit down to watch TV.  But I know it is important to him to have a peaceful place to come home to everyday, so I try to create that for him by managing my home efficiently.  The kids have chores & responsibilities to help out and that has helped take a lot of the burden off of me.

Lastly, how we keep ourselves is the glory of our husband.  The way we dress reflects our husband more than we realize.  When we are trying to dress in a way that will impress our husbands, most often we are also impressing other men around us.  We have to be careful and responsible.  I ran into a friend a few nights ago and we stopped to chat.  However; I had a really hard time listening to her because of the low cut blouse she was wearing.  The whole time she was talking I kept thinking, “Pull up your shirt.  Get a different shirt.  Did your husband know you walked out like that?”  I didn’t feel comfortable enough to speak to her about it, but I hope one of her closer friends did.  Remember that we are also to glorify God, even in our dress.  It isn’t always easy, but it is possible to dress stylish and still modestly also.  

“But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world – how she can please her husband.  I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord.”  (1 Corinthian 7:34,35 – NIV)

As believers our first devotion is to our Lord Jesus.  We are to first be concerned with pleasing the Lord, then with pleasing our husbands.  We are to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. (Matthew 22:37)   When we love God like we should then we will love our husband like we should.  We will conduct ourselves in a way that makes our husband look good.  We will want to submit to his leadership.  We will want to serve him out of love, not obligation.  We will respect him and he will know it.  But is it that easy?  Of course not!  It is easier for me to clean house, wash clothes and cook meals that to love my God as he commanded.  Why?  Because of my GIANT sin nature that keeps getting in the say.  It is easier for me to do things that will make me look good to others than take on a change of heart and habit that will make God look good.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love him, it just means that I am only loving him with parts of me, not all of me.  Then I only love my husband with parts of me and not all of me.  But, I am so blessed to belong to a loving and merciful Savior who love me anyway and forgives me.  I am also blessed to belong to a wonderful and merciful husband who loves me, sin and all!

 My Mothers’ Husband

My parents have been married for 39 years.  My kids say that is forever.  Their model for a godly marriage has bee very important to me.  I rarely remember hearing my parents argue & they never fought with angry or hurtful words.  Their marriage has been built on a mutual love for the Lord and it shows.

I have a lot of really great memories of my parents together.  They had a lot of fun and they did a lot of laughing with each other.  One memory in particular still makes us all laugh even today.

At the dinner table, my mom was always very faithful to refill my dad’s tea glass.  He would shake it and she always took this as her cue to get him more tea.  She never asked why he shook his glass rather than just asking for more tea, she just filled his glass.  And he always drank it.  Finally, after many years of this, dad asked why she filled his glass everytime he shook it.  She was shocked, I think. 

 She replied, “I thought that is what you wanted.  When you shook your empty glass I thought you needed more tea.”

“No” he answered, “I was just shaking the ice down to the bottom so that when I took that last drink the ice didn’t fall out on me.”

We all laughed so hard.  To think, all these years he was just trying to take his last drink of tea & she kept giving him more!  Now, my dad gets his own tea & most often my mom’s also.

All My Little Men 

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t grow up with boys, so I had no idea how different they were when I had my first boy.  My first 2 babies were girls.  They were quiet and sweet and loved to play baby dolls.  Then Josh was born and we have never been the same since!  He totally woke up our house.  By 2 years old he had figured out how to get on top of the refrigerator.  By 3 he was escaping out the front door and neighbors were bringing him home.  By 4 the sheriff was bringing him home with his bike in the trunk (we lived in a really small town).  I could not keep this child in my house.  So, finally when he was about 5 we moved out to the country.  The neighbors in our neighborhood threw a block party I’m sure.  Now the tools in their garages were safe again.

We just kept having more boys.  My husband was thrilled, I was scared!  I didn’t know what to do.  They would sit and watch a cartoon and when the commercial would come on they would all jump up and hit the floor wrestling!  It was like they couldn’t stand to sit down any longer.  They see everything differently!  A fence is seen not as a way to keep you in, but a challenge to climb out.  A creek is not just a body of flowing water; it is a substance that contains tons of things yet to be discovered.  Mud, is not just the result of water on dirt, it is the material needed to create the perfect road for your trucks.

 God slowly began to show me how he has a special purpose for each of these little men and he wanted to use me to help shape them into godly men.  I couldn’t help but think of Susanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley.  They grew to be mighty men of God and helped shape our Christian history.  She raised 13 children, many times alone.  What was her secret?  She spent time with the Lord everyday.  She studied his word, prayed and then taught that to her kids.  She created a hunger and thirst in their heart to know God more.  I think her sons had a deeper relationship with the Lord than their mother did.  That is what I want.  I want my children to know God even deeper than I do.  I want to create in them a hunger for his wisdom and truth.

I don’t know what kind of men my boys will become. That is not the part I play in their lives.  My part is to be faithful to my God in the training and nurturing of my children.  My part is to seek the Lord in his direction.  My part is to love my God with all my heart, soul and mind.  And leave the rest to him.

The Boys

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  1. November 17, 2007 10:18 pm

    It’s funny as I was the only girl in a family of five (always wanted a sister). Now I have only men, even the pets, are boys as well. I love them and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I do miss the girly stuff but you really know what boys think there are no wondering where they are coming from.
    Many Blessings,
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. November 21, 2007 1:36 pm

    I agree! Boys definitley don’t beat around the bush. The other day I was sitting at the piano playing & my 5 yr old, Zachary, said, “mom, your butt is hanging off the bench!” Gotta love ’em!

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