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What Moms need to Know about Boys…part 2

August 7, 2007

Here is part 2.  My comments are bullets below his comments.


~ Dana

Boys really enjoy, for whatever reason, hearing a girl squeal at the sight of a mouse or frog or snake.  This draws the line between the real boys and the real girls in a boys mind.  Now, if a boy finds a girl that does not shriek at the sight of such ugliness, he will most likely have the opinion that he has found the perfect girl for him….for a while. 

  • Sisters are not exempt from this. Our boys get just as big a thrill from throwing bugs or frogs on their sisters. We had some small chicken snakes show up on our sidewalk & the boys killed one. They spent the rest of the day tossing it on the girls. Of course the girls always get them back somehow.

-Boys like dirt, trees, hills, mountains, creeks, ponds, lakes, ditches, and anything around these areas.  These are like a very fine lady calling them to come to her.  A boy can play in a simple dirty ditch all day and conquer more enemies and rescue more young ladies in that ditch than anything else put together.  A boy can find more interesting rocks, plants, varmints, and such while playing in such areas….even a possible Indian arrow if he looks close enough. For little boys the ability to just play for hours in the dirt is truly amazing.  They may dress in their favorite hero garb of the day and run to and fro through backyard defeating the enemy and/or rescuing those held hostage. 

  • Collin is nick named “dirt boy” because as soon as I began to let him play outside alone he was in the dirt. Thankfully, we lived on 4 acres so he had plenty of dirt to play with. When we pass a construction site with huge mounds of dirt Collin begs to go & play. Or if he sees a sign that says, “Free dirt” he wants to take some home. He even says that his first car will be a dump truck so that he can carry his dirt around with him. Our best punishment for him is to take away his dirt.

-Boys in general could care less about baths…this is not the optimum use of water in their eyes.  The real purpose for water through the mind of a boy is just to get wet in order to cool off on a hot summer day, walk into a creek to pick up something from underneath the water that looks interesting, swim for the fun of it, or getting wet while fishing.  Those are purposeful meanings of getting water on yourself….just for the simple purpose of being clean is not a high priority and a waste of water in a boys mind.  I mean a boy reasons that why use soap at the end of the day to remove the dirt he has worked so hard all day long to get on himself.  That just does not make sense to a boy….he went through a lot of trouble to get that dirty and smelly. 

  • “Dirt Boy” also hates the baths. We have had to threaten to strip him down our selves & put him in the water if he doesn’t go get in the shower himself. Now, our youngest boy hates water. I would rather bathe the dog than give Sam a bath. I usually end up more wet than Sam.

-Boys although very rough and tough outwardly still want to be the “apple of their mother’s eye” as Psalm 17:8 (NIV) puts it. Boys still want the love and tenderness that a mom can give them along the way.

Gracie and Zachary

  • Just not in public! I love the fact that my boys will hug me. I always heard that boys didn’t do stuff like that until the hormones began to rage & then the only female they wanted to hug was not their mom. I think the secret to getting your teenage son to hug you is letting him hug & talk to you when he is young. If he knows he can come to you then I think he will come to you later. My oldest son still hugs me several times a day. He stopped when he was about 10 – 12 years old & started again when he turned 13. His younger brother is 11 and he doesn’t hug too much, but on a rare occasion he will give me a short side to side hug. I think it is sweet as it is his attempt to let me know that he still likes a little affection every now & then.

-Many boys enjoy trading or selling things….anything is sell-able in a boys mind.  The thrill of making the trade is of most importance.

  • Collin, “Dirt Boy” wants to be a car salesman! J He went to a skate park with a friend today. He played “SKATE” with a guy there for a popular skateboarding sticker. The game is like “horse” in basketball. Anyway, Collin won & came home waving his sticker around, so proud of himself. Then about 30 minutes later Josh (older brother) came downstairs with the sticker. When I asked him what he was doing with it he bragged about how he had bought it off of Collin for $2.00. Collin made a $2.00 profit & that was worth it to him.

-Boys must use their pockets to carry the daily necessities for survival such as a good pocket knife, rubber bands, paper clips, string, some coins, flashlight, wallet, rag, candy wrappers, etc.  All this could be mingled in with the lizards and frogs of course.

  • Back to the washing machine, I usually end up cleaning out the washing machine after doing the boys laundry. I find everything from thumbtacks, nails, string and Legos®..and of course there is always the hesitation to reach in for it since the “lizard” incident. (See earlier post)

-Boys do enjoy stories being read to them just as much as girls do so long as there is plenty of action and lots of illustrated pictures to go along with the story.  Do not be surprised when he tries to reenact that last scene himself to bring it true to life.  The more visual the story the better for boys. 

  • I have always tried to read a lot to my kids. When the boys would get wiggly, my first reaction is to tell them to sit down & listen. Then I realized that they couldn’t listen if they were sitting down. It is like tying a preachers hand behind his back & telling him to preach…they can’t do it. When I let my boys play with Legos ® or play dough or just color they listen better. If we are reading about battles or intense action they have to act it out. The best one was when the boys acted out some scenes from Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Nights Dream”

-Boys enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring.  For in a boy is a built in desire to catch something to eat, raise something to eat, or simply explore out new territories for living and relaxing. 

  • We moved back to town a little more than a year ago. Our new house had a large group of trees right behind it. It was great to watch the squirrels and birds play. The problem was that the trees were not on our property. There is a 6 foot fence separating us from the trees. That didn’t stop my boys. It didn’t take them long to jump the fence & go exploring. What fun they had until that night they were all itching uncontrollably from the poison ivy. All of those nice trees are covered in poison ivy. You would think that would teach them, but they went back many more times and caught poison ivy many more times. They basically spent the first 6 months in our new house with poison ivy.

Ben skateboarding

-Boys do like a good dog.  That old hound that will just follow anywhere they want to go or let them lay all over them when resting under a tree.  Boys need a pup to raise and take on long walks with.  The best friend a boy has outside human race is a good dog.

  • My boys have had many a great dog since they spent the first 8 years of their life in the country. The best dogs we had were mutts; the second best were 2 chocolate labs. They followed the boys everywhere. One time when Collin was really little he wondered off from the house. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I looked up on the hill and there were our 2 old dogs jumping around & barking trying to get my attention. They were staying with Collin protecting him from getting hurt. I don’t think I was ever so glad to get licked in the face by those dogs. From then on we knew that if the dogs were home the boys were home too.

-Most importantly though, a boy has to spit.  It does not matter what is around him.  Make sure that you or anyone else is not in direct line of fire of a boy when he is ready to spit.  They have no discretion on where that spit goes….they simply must spit. 

  • O’K, this one is just totally gross to me. I’m a girl; I don’t spit unless a bug gets in my mouth. Why would that happen? But my boys seem to have made this into a competitive sport. I don’t just let this spitting stuff happen though. They must be outside. One of our house rules; “No spitting in the house.”
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  1. August 13, 2007 3:07 pm

    My dear Dana:

    The *spitting* thing is cracking me up. When I was pregnant, every time I saw spit I would dry heave for several minutes. To this day I have a strong aversion to spit. Yet, my boys spit (but then so does my 2 year old daughter). Gross! And their dad thinks it is just fine while I keep trying to teach them manners. What is up with dads teaching kids to pull their fingers, fart loudly, and laugh while moms are teaching kids to say “Excuse me?” LOL!

    And boys want to pee on trees. Why? When I hear the joke about Adam and Eve and the two things God had left in his bag to give them…I laugh so hard. I have actually had my boys run outside to pee on a tree instead of using the bathroom, because they are so fascinated with their “special” ability! I am squealing to get back in the house while Dad is laughing. How can I win??? LOL!

    By the way, I regret to inform you that you have now been TAGGED! Go to to find your challenge.

    Thanks for indulging me sister! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. August 13, 2007 8:23 pm

    Very interesting 😀
    “Now, if a boy finds a girl that does not shriek at the sight of such ugliness, he will most likely have the opinion that he has found the perfect girl for him….for a while. Sisters are not exempt from this..”

    I wonder if that is why my DD (12) seems to me, to not be very girly. Does she act like a boy so she will fit in? hmm

    Nice post!

  3. March 15, 2008 12:15 am

    Dear Dana,
    Enjoyed reading your post about “boys” ! I have 3 boys, and 3 girls. They are quite spread out in age. But God keeps life exciting, challenging, … and keeps me guessing what “He” is up to, … with each *next thing* He allows to come along, in life.
    God is good, patient, so kind-hearted, loving … and willing to remain with us, through times when we are not living faithfully for Him. He is always rejoicing over us with Joy! He is ever merciful and soooo Peace-filled and willing to put up with all our failings, us moms, and dads, … and both boys and girls!
    God loves us with an everlasting Love, and carries us in His everlasting Arms! Thank you, Dana, for sharing!

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