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His Peace is Mine!

July 17, 2007

Today is proving to be another challenging day.  No one wants to take a nap when they usually do.  My 5 year old Zachary is not grasping the concept of first time obediance very well, so he thinks his life is over! 🙂  My oldest daughter is in Puerto Rico on a mission trip and I miss her badly, another daughter and her brother are at church camp…I guess I miss them too.  No, I miss them a lot!  The house is just out of sorts with the kids gone and it makes things crazy. 

Then, I read a verse that I have read a lot, but it was one that I really needed today. Isn’t God good?

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27).

Jesus started and ended his ministry talking about peace.  He knew that it was crucial for the christian to understand His peace so that they could live the abundant life he had for them.  He gives us his peace. “MY peace I give to you.”  He doesn’t give us the peace of the world, that is determined by circumstances.  He gives us his heavenly peace that is always there no matter what is going on around us.  We don’t have to be troubled or afraid of what is to come because we as believers already have his peace.

Here is what Ray Stedman has to say about peace.

“But Jesus says, “I give peace right in the midst of trouble, right in the midst of distress and turmoil and heartache and pressure. I can impart peace to your heart right there, and not as the world gives.” Why? Because we can return to that basic relationship we have–“You in Me, and I in you.” Out of that comes the guarantee that He is working out His purposes. He will bring us to the end of the trouble. He will still the storm and quiet the waves. We rest in the boat, content, knowing, “No water can swallow the ship, where lies the Master of ocean and earth and sky.” That is peace.”  (

It doesn’t matter what is going on in my life right now, I can have peace.  How wonderful and energizing to know that the yuck that the world throws at me does not determine whether or not I am at peace.  Our life has been a constant roller coaster ride for many years now and there are days when I just ask God how much longer are we to endure.  He always reminds me through his word that no matter what is going on he still has me in the palm of his hand, loving me, sustaining me and I will always have his peace.

I have a visual picture in my head of how to attain this.  I see myself in a boat floating around.  There are waves coming up and hitting my boat.  Sometimes I get water on me and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes a lot of water gets in my boat and I get worried that I will sink, but no matter how much water comes in I don’t sink.  Sitting in my boat with me is my Jesus and we talk.  I tell him that the water scares me sometimes and I want it to stop.  His answer is simple, “Stop looking at the water, look at me.”  I focus my eyes on his eyes. I can still feel the water, but because my eyes are focused on his eyes I can’t see the water as much and don’t fear it anymore.  I am at peace in the midst of my storm.

Some days my storms are small.  Kids are fighting, door bell keeps ringing, someone is sick.  And then other days the storm is huge, almost too much to take.  No matter the size of the waves, when my eyes are on Jesus, they just don’t seem so big anymore and I can experience his peace.



Your gift of peace saves me from so much turmoil.  I can still feel the waves of adversity hitting my boat, but because of you I know that I cannot sink.  Thank you for your assurance of salvation daily.  Everyday I can come to you and know that you will love me inspite of all my sin.  Thank you for forgiving me over and over when I forget to look to you and I cry out for relief.  Help me to remember that your peace is mine, and you are working out your purpose for me.  I look forward to the day when your purpose will be complete.  A~Men.


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