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Laughing so I won’t cry

July 11, 2007

I have days sometimes when the storm of chaos is brewing around me I really feel like crying, but instead, SOMETIMES (not always) I just laugh.  A very wise friend told me once that I will laugh at it 20 years from now so I might as well laugh now. 

Here are a few questions I heard myself asking my “tribe” this week.

  •  Who dissected the grasshopper on the kitchen counter? You left the head and the legs behind!
  • Why is the dog wrapped in toliet paper?
  • Why are there blue marks all over the wall?
  • Why does Gracie have blue ink all over her?
  • Where did your hair go?
  • Can you give Mommy the scissors?
  • Can you give Mommy the markers?
  • Can you give Mommy her keys?
  • Can you give Mommy a BREAK?
  • Why is there a frog in the sink in the guest bathroom?
  • Where is my big mixing bowl?
  • Why is there a turtle in my mixing bowl?
  • Who took my chocolate?
  • Can we have just five minutes of peace?
  • How about one minute?
  • Why is the dog running through the house covered in soap suds?
  • Why do you have silver spray paint on your behind?
  • Why did you spray his behind with silver paint?

Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

I have a choice to make every minute of everyday.  I can let the little things that happen each day give me an opportunity to laugh or cry.  Believe me, it isn’t easy to laugh when I keep finding my good bowls outside with critters in them, or the frog in the bathroom sink.  Many times I don’t laugh, mostly I try to hold my breath so that I don’t blow my top.

These days are fleeting. They are passing really fast!  I can laugh or I can cry.  I choose laughter!

Three of my reasons to laugh.


(Samuel Addison)



(Zachary Asher)


(Kaylin Grace -“Gracie”)


 Proverbs 15:13

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful.”

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  1. July 13, 2007 7:45 am

    Thanks, Dana, I thoroughly enjoyed this! I will have to remember to laugh the next time I find myself asking similar questions!

  2. Deanna Taylor permalink
    July 17, 2007 9:39 am

    Love this! I try to be in the habit of laughing too. Like the other day when I turned from comparing yougert prices to see my very well potty-trained 4 year-old inexplicably squatting on the shopping cart seat in front of everyone. Everything sort of went into slow-motion for me as my eyes moved down to see pee flowing over the seat, down into my purse just below, all over our groceries below that, and finally to the floor. At that point, I was way beyond even putting the words together to ask a question. Temporarily speechless, though I more than made up for it on the trip home.

    But by the time my husband came home a few hours later, I was able to laugh. (Even as I pulled my dripping cell phone and smeared journal out of my purse!)

    Have a wonderful day and keep writing–I love to read your thoughts!

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