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Your Greatest Gift

May 28, 2007

“Jesus replied,” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.” Matthew 22:37,38.(NIV)

What is the greatest gift that you as a mother can give to your family?  Is it your time, clean underwear, or healthy food to eat?  While all of those are wonderful things, they are not the greatest. 

I love my kids more than I thought possible.  When I had my first baby I was so filled with emotion everytime I looked at her that I wanted to cry.  Now 16 years later, sometimes I still want to cry, but for different reasons.  Now, it is because I know my time with her at home is getting shorter.  I wanted to give that new baby girl I held in my arms the world.  I wanted her to have everything I never had & take her places I never went. 

Our family continued to grow quickly, but my desire to give my children everything didn’t change.  Over time though I realized that even if I could give them everything in the world it would not be what they really needed.  I realized that the greatest gift I could ever give to my children and to my husband was to fall in love with the Lord in a way I never had before. 

Learning to love the Lord is being totally loyal and obediant to him.  This goes far beyond an emotion, this is a state of being.  To love the Lord like it is stated in this verse is more like a commitment, a marriage between you and God. 

You don’t just love the Lord.  You love him with your whole being.  When you truly love someone you want to be with them, please them and give of yourself to them.  For my husband, I enjoy doing things for him that I know will please him because I love him so much. I love going places with him even if it is just to get milk at the store or go to wash his car.  We are spending time together & that is good for our relationship.

As my love for the Lord continues to grow deeper I want to spend more time with him by reading his word, worshiping him & praying to him.  I want to be obediant in what he has instructed me to do because I love him so much.  When I am obediant, I am blessed and experience his joy.  All of this makes me a better wife & mother.  I am better able to keep my life in balance. 

This is a very loaded verse.  It is full of meaning & lessons for us.  But instead of me telling all I am learning from this verse I want you to dig into the verse & see what you come up with.  Look up the Hebrew meanings of the words; love, heart and mind.

What do they reveal to you about that verse? 

What does this verse say to you about being a wife and mother?

Do you think you can completely love the Lord and love your husband and love your children too?

Email me & let me know!!

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