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Light During the Storm

May 3, 2007

Last night we had some pretty serious storms roll through our area.  I had already had a really bad day and the thought of being hit by a tornado or damaging winds didn’t help any.  My girls & I decided to make some thank you cards for some dear friends of ours.  We got all our stuff out & sat down to be creative when the lights went out.  Ugh!  I love making cards, it calms my nerves & now the lights were out.  My girls were not hindered in anyway.  The kids all began rounding up candles & lighters.  Before I knew it the table where we were trying to work had about 6 candles on it lighting it up enough to still make cards.  They spread the rest of the candles out through out the house.  For about an hour they did a lot of complaining about not having the lights on.  I admit it is not easy changing a poopy diaper by candle light, but I knew it was temporary. 

My 5 year old began to get scared (thanks to some older brothers discussing alien invasions) so I took him in my lap and we started talking about all the fun things you can do in the dark.  Before I knew it we were all singing.  Some songs were fun & loud and others were soft and reverent, but they were all meant to praise the Lord.(O’k maybe the song about the worm who ate his family didn’t, but it was still fun)  Then we made shadow animals on the wall and we all had the best time & totally forgot about the storm outside our house.

“even the darkness will not be dark to you;
       the night will shine like the day,
       for darkness is as light to you.”
Psalm 139:12


I was reminded of this verse last night.  The darkness we can experience in our life is not even darkness to God.  He can shine through our darkness if we let him.  When we recognize the darkness as an opportunity to bring glory to God then the “darkness is as light”.  We can experience inner peace in the midst of a spiritual storm just like our family had a fantastic time last night while the winds were blowing 50 mph outside our house.  We knew the storm was there, but we chose to have fun rather than fret & worry about the potential disaster.  Does that mean we were ignoring the warnings to prepare for the worst?  No, we had a plan in case a tornado did hit or come into our area.  But we were not sitting huddled in the hallway when we didn’t need to be.  We kept our minds on more positive things, thus making the storm easier to endure.


Prepare yourself for the storms in life.  Read Ephesians 6.  When they do come(because they will) then you can embrace opportunities to bring glory to God & show others a glimpse of God himself through you.  You can let his light of glory shine through your darkness.


Read the whole chapter of Psalm 139.  It is fabulous.  Even better memorize it as a family.

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