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You Can Make It!

April 10, 2007

Have you ever thought, “I don’t want to be a mom today!” ?  I have.  I can get so bogged down in the constants of my day.  The constant laundry, constant dirty dishes,  constant dirty diapers, constant sticky floors and on and on.  I can become so consumed with what needs to be done during the day that I miss out on the blessings that God has for me.  That is when I start crying and saying things like, “I don’t want to do this today!  I’m tired of dirty kids, dirty diapers & bad attitudes!”  I can only remember one time that my laundry room didn’t have laundry piled up waiting to be washed.  It was right before we moved in!  I have been changing diapers since 1991and potty training since 1994 with no end in site yet!  And just once I would love to walk in my kitchen and not see 10 cups on the counter, not to mention grape jelly running down the cabinet door.

There is good news.  I don’t want to discourage you.  I want to encourage you that it does get better.  During one of my pity parties, God showed up.  I was talking to myself & he joined in on the conversation.  “You are looking at the wrong side of the picture.”  He said.  “Look on this side.” And it was like he took my face in his hands and showed me a different picture.  There were my children looking clean and well behaved.  I was there too and I looked pretty good (I must say :))  My husband was playing with the kids and life looked so good.  “Wow!  Where did you find them?”  I asked.  “They have always been there” the Lord said, “You are looking at the wrong side.”  The other picture was full of chaos like the back of a tapestry piece.  You can make no sense of the picture if you are looking at the back, but when you turn it around you see beauty and order.  The back of my picture showed the kids yelling, the house is a mess; I’m exhausted and where is my husband??

I miss out on the blessings that God has for me when I am focusing on the wrong side of my picture.  When I focus on how tired I am, how long it has been since I went to the bathroom alone or that my husband is late from work again; I am feeling burned out on life.  God has given me 10 of the most outstanding kids ever,  My husband is still crazy in love with me and is an excellant leader in our home.  Why am I complaining?  Because of my sin nature it is easier to live in my weakness and cry than to live in my strengths and be blessed.

Psalm 16:8 says, “I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”  I can’t focus on God if I have put everything in my life before him.  I can’t see him leading the way or directing my steps through my day if my eyes are on everything else going on.  Meditating and reading his word is one of the best ways to stay focused on Christ.  Let him walk before you.  Talk to him, worship him and let him show you how great your life really is.

We all have experienced hard trials and I know my life is not what I had planned for it to be.  When I was a teenager I did not dream of driving a 15 passenger van when I grew up.  But God has given me a life full of his blessings and it is up to me to keep my eyes focused on the right side of the picture.  Psalm says, “What a God!  His road stretches straigh and smooth.  Every God-direction is road tested. Everyone who runs toward Him makes it!” (The Message)  As a mom it is a very comforting thought to know that if I seek Him then I will make it.  I will not only survive these days while my chidlren are young, but I will be blessed by them also.


Abba Father,

I can’t thank you enough for the enormous blessings you have blessed me with.  I have a husband I definitley don’t deserve, who loves me, but loves you more.  I have these fantastic kids that amaze me daily by how wiling they are to serve you and want to know more about you.  Please forgive me when I don’t see how wonderful my life is.  Forgive me when I complain about the mundane in my life.  Help me to see my life through your eyes as blessed and abundant.  You are to be praised.


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  1. Melissa Doddridge permalink
    May 1, 2007 10:13 pm

    Thank you for being real. I often wonder why people aren’t more real; it is refreshing when we can learn of others by their confession and transparency. This blog entry was just what the doctor ordered! The Great Physician that is!!

    May God hunt you down; and bless your socks off!

    Love in Him,
    Melissa Doddridge

  2. July 5, 2007 10:41 am

    My sweet daughter, YOU continue to bless me & to encourage me. All that I’m going through in these days with Pop, I get my eyes out of focus & I look at how tired I am or when do I get a break & so on. You are my encourager, to keep looking at Jesus & to know how very much I am blessed to have my Dad with me in his senior/senior years. So I turn to My Lord & thank HIM for ALL my rich blessings, in which YOU are one of those.
    May God fill you & your home with HIS joy & peace today.
    I thank God for you & how you fill my heart with JOY & pride.
    Love you,

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