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Learn to Look Under Things

March 5, 2007

This post was written by a sweet friend of mine. We have known each other for many years and have seen each other endure various trials.  She wrote this about her mother for Mothers Day.  I think it is a great reminder to us that we never know what little things we say to our children that will impact them later in their life.  She sent this to me and has given me permission to post it for you to enjoy & be encouraged.

I lost things when I was a kid.  My search method involved a quick scan of the room and maybe a peek in the closet.  Then I’d give up and whine, “Mom, I can’t find my stuff.”  Mom would come into the room and pick up one of the magazines or dirty socks that were carelessly strewn about.  And, voila!  There was the treasured toy, lonely shoe, or missing schoolbook I thought was gone forever.  Once the object was discovered, Mom would sigh, “Learn to look under things!”  That prized possession was there all the time.  I had just overlooked it, because something on the surface had covered it up.

          I’m all grown up now with kids of my own, and I repeat Mom’s instruction quite often.  Her words possessed more wisdom, however, than merely how to find a lost toy.  With those words, she enabled me to be responsible for my things, but she also taught me to resolve problems, to grow in wisdom, and to discover the fullness of God’s glory.  All accomplished by one simple phrase: Learn to look under things.

          In November of 2002, my husband and I lost our baby, Rachel Faith.  She was born at about 28 weeks and lived only a few minutes.  Her life was but a breath, literally.  For a time, a dark cloud obscured my vision.  I had plans for this little girl.  She would wear pink ribbons and dance and sing.  But my plans were dashed.  God’s plan, however, thrived.  I didn’t understand His wisdom, because it was shrouded by the blackness of my pain, hidden beneath my sorrow and my grief.  As Jonah required three days in the whale’s belly to realize his need to surrender to God, so I remained awhile in my despair.  Then I remembered Mom’s advice.  Look under things.  So, I pried off that cloud, and I peered into God’s presence.  When I removed that hindrance, I glimpsed God’s glory.  I envisioned Rachel’s joy!  Guess what?  She wears pink ribbons and dances and sings!  She was spared from a life of pain, struggle, and challenge.  She went directly to Paradise , and I wouldn’t dare wish her back here, even for a moment.  My sister said that Rachel was too perfect for this life.  I would have missed that if I hadn’t learned to look under things.

By: Jodi Whisenhunt, mom to Kyle, Rachel(in Heaven), Chloe & Adam

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