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You are Excellent!

February 16, 2007

In Genesis 1:31 says,

“God saw all that he had made–and it was very good!”

In the New Living Translation the word excellent is used.  All that he made is excellent or good

As a mom of 10, I definitley do not feel very excellent at times.  I lose my temper, forget a commitment to a friend, burn dinner or miss out on my “God time”.  I am not excellant.  I looked up the Hebrew meaning of the word used in this verse.  It actually means “calling attention to something”.  Wow!  This was not what I thought it would be.  I thought it is more about being favored.  I am “calling attention to something” everyday.  But what am I calling attention to.  I would hope that I am calling attention to God & his love and mercy.  I hope that I am pointing my children towards his truth.  But the horrible truth is that a lot of the time I am calling attention to negativeness & discouragement, through my own selfish attitude.

God made us in his image, which means we are symbols of him.  We are meant to call attention to him and reflect him through our actions & words; therefore pointing them towards his love.  We can create in others a desire to know God more.  All of this sounds so good and outreaching in a nice evangelical way (sorry, a lot of churchy words), but how can we really be “excellent”?  I think it has to start with keeping our eyes on him(Hebrews 12:1,2) and not forgetting what he has done for you(Deut.8).

  Just a place to start.  We keep our eyes on God by reading & studying his word & praying daily(not monthly).  God is the first person I go to for praise & help.  This has only come after years of struggling in my relationship with him.  When we can praise him for what he has brought into our life and the struggles that he has brought us through we become closer to him & then begin to point others to him.  You know how?  Others notice you attitude during struggles & trials.  They want to know how you can get through it with such a positive attitude.

  You are calling attention to God!

  You are good!

You are hinneh !

More on being excellant later…

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