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Rebuilt into Holiness

January 9, 2007

  There was once a rock cliff on the side of a big beautiful mountain.  People loved to come & stand on this cliff as it was an amazing place to be.  To stand on this cliff and look out gave one a view that could be found no where else.  The cliff enjoyed being one of the highest points around and loved all of the attention he received. One day a horrible storm began brewing and moved in very quickly.  There was lightening and horrible thunder that shook the mountain.  The rain that fell began to flood all the low places.  Lightening began striking the mountain and causing trees to fall and catch on fire. Lightening began to strike the cliff.  One strike after another hit the cliff until finally it broke off rolling down the mountainside breaking into hundreds of tiny pieces and fall down into the rushing river below.  The cliff now lay at the bottom of a river in a heap of rubble, useless to anyone.  The cliff was so upset that he would no longer be used by others to view the beautiful creations of the Great Creator.  He just lay there and let the water begin to rush over him. 


Over time the river began taking pieces of the cliff and rolling them down stream.  This constant rolling and tumbling was hard and sometimes very painful.  The cliff had never experienced anything like this before.  He just didn’t understand why the Great Creator had allowed such a storm to happen.  Why did the lightening have to hit so many times?  As he asked himself these questions he continued to endure the constant rolling.  Then one day while the sun was shining brightly into the river’s water the cliff got a glimpse of one of his pieces that had rolled down stream.  It was no longer a jagged piece of rock but now a smooth and pretty stone.  It actually reflected some of the rays of sunshine that shone down into the river.  The cliff was amazed.  He didn’t know that such beauty lay within him.   One day the Great Creator came down to the river to talk to the cliff.  He asked, “Do you know why I let you fall down into the river into so many pieces?”  “No, I don’t.  I don’t understand why you let me crumble in the storm and fall into this river where I have been thrown around and tumbled by this water.  I thought I was strong.” responded the cliff.  The Great Creator told the cliff how he had a greater purpose than just being a cliff for people to stand on and in the right time the cliff would see what that purpose is. 


Over time the Great Creator showed the cliff what he had meant.  One piece at a time he began taking pieces of the cliff out of the water that were polished and smooth and began carefully placing them together.  Day after day the Great Creator carefully chose the smoothest stones and rebuilt the cliff.  Then after what seemed like an eternity the cliff was completed.  The Great Creator brought more sunshine to fall on the cliff to cause him to radiate and shine.  The cliff caught a glimpse of him in the water of the river he had once been in and saw something that amazed him completely.  He was beautiful, tall, and strong.  No storm could cause him to crumble this time.  He had seen these structures before down below him but never knew what they were used for.  “What am I?” he asked the Great Creator.  “You are a holy place for the people to come and worship me in.  They will come here from all over to sing praises to me and glorify my name.  I built you so that others can love me more and want to know me more.” answered the Great Creator.  “What do you want me to do?” asked the cliff (who was no longer a cliff but now a holy place) The Great Creator instructed him to sing praises and to remain shiny & smooth so that the people would see the reflection of the Great Creator through his stones.  “They won’t know the pain you have gone through to become the beautiful structure that you are today, but they will want to worship me because of the beauty they see in you.  Do not forget your time in the river or else you will become proud.  Remember me and the gift I have given you.”  The Holy Place endured many more storms but remained strong and durable.  He worked hard to keep his shine.  He enjoyed the people coming to him to worship the Great Creator it added even more shine to his stones.  He never forgot the horrible storm that caused him to crumble into the river.  He never forgot the time he spent in the river being tossed and tumbled around and how unfair he felt it was.  He also never forgot how good the Great Creator has been to him and how he rebuilt him into an even more beautiful structure than he was before. 


   1 Peter 5:10, “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will make himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.  (11)  To Him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.” ©Dana Bailey, 2005

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